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Control Point Maps

Control Point Maps

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Control-Point Maps

Control-Point Maps consist of several tactical points, that must be captured by one team. Nearly every map has a unique way of capturing.


Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Map - CP_Badlands Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Badlands Overview
Badlands is one of the various Control Points Maps. As usual, both teams start with two already catured CPs, but the middle point is yet neutral. In contrast to the older CP maps, Badlands is structured horizantally, as well as vertically Plus, the verious entrances in the middle area gives chances for loads of tactical varieties.



Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Map Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Dustbowl Overview
Dustbowl is a well known map from times of Team Fortress Classic. CP_Dustbowl is divided into 3 areas with each 2 CPs. These need to be captured by the attacking team. This is necessary to unlock the other 2 areas. The setup time for the defenders lasts 60 seconds.



Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Granary Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Granary Overview
Granary consists of five Control Points. Both teams have to the goal of taking all of them. The teams start witch each 2 CPs (always the nearest), the middle one is neutral at the beginning. On Granary, one can only capture  one point after the other. Thus, it is not possible to head for the last point and capture it, when the other four aren't taken.



Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Map - CP_Gravelpit Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Gravelpit Overview
On Gravelpit, the fight focuses on three Control Points. The attackers need to capture A and B first, before C is available. In contrast, the defenders need to hold at last one point before the time is gone in order to win the round.



Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP-Well Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Well Overview
Just like CP_Granary, CP_Well has 5 Control Points. Both teams start with 2 Control Points. The middle CP is neutral until it is taken. All Control Points have to be taken step by step.



Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Fastlane Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Fastlane
 Fastlane is a symmetric map with 5 control points, similar to Granary or CP_Well. It's one of the community maps that were added to the Valve maps pool during the Pyro Update. The creator of the map is Arttu "skdr" Mäk. At the beginning of each round, one team must capture the Control Point at the center of the map first. After this Control Point has been captures, two other Control Points remains. Each non-center Control Point can be reached from 3 ways, which makes both defending and attacking the point a difficult task.


Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Steel Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Steel Overview
CP_Steel is a map with 5 Control Points, similar to CP_Gravelpit. It's one of the community maps that were added to the Valve maps pool during the Heavy Update. The creator of the map is Jamie "Fishbus" Manson. CP_Steel is a classic Capture Point map, much like Gravelpit, but there is a major difference: The game ends as soon as the central Control Point E has been captures. CP E isn't locked right from the beginning and can be captures at any time. However, capturing Control Point A, B, C and D makes capturing Control Point E easier. Here is a list of advantages the BLU team receives for capturing one of the first 4 Control Points:
  • Control Point A: A gate between CP A and E as well as a gate between A and E will be opened.
  • Control Point B: A gate between CP B and C will be opened. Also, the first spawn will be closed, giving the BLU team a shorter way to the other Control Points.
  • CP C: 3 bridges will be extended, allowing to reach CP E by simply walking on the bridges. Before CP C is captured by the BLU team, only a Scout, a Soldier and a Demoman can reach CP E.
  • Control Point D: The gate between the main spawn of the RED team and CP E will be closed. The RED team can only reach CP E by using a way over CP C or D. Also, guardrails will be extended to the bridges, allowing a more secure walk on the briges.
If the BLU team succeeds in capturing Control Point E, a missile will launch in the room where CP E is. Any player who is standing inside this room will be killed by either the flames of the rocket engine or falling into the pit.



Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Junction Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_JunctionOverview
 Junction was officially added to the mappool of Team Fortress 2 during the Scout update. Before that, it was a well-known Custom map, especially in the USA. It's a Controil Point Map which is build up like Gravelpit. You have to conquer Point A und B first to unlock C. Togheter with Turbine, it's the only official map which plays in a closed building. Because of this, it's very difficult for Sniper's to "work".



Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP_Egypt TF2 Map - CP Egypt Übersicht
Just like Junction, Egypt, a map from a custom mapper, has been added to the official mappool during the scout update. This Map is using Textures which are looking like a pyramid, which aren't used by Valve. It's a Control Point Map, just like the "forefather" Dustbowl. 3 Stages have to be conquered or defended. Each Stage has 2 Control Points.



TF2 Map CP Yukon CP Yukon overview
Yukon was added in August 2009 along with the Classless Update and is a classic 5 points CP-map. However, the gameplay is a bit slower than e.g. on CP-Freight, since it is somewhat bigger but that means also lots of rat runs to flank the enemy.



TF2 Maps CP Freight TF2 maps cp Freight overview
Freilight was at first just a community map, that was often played in all TF2 tournaments, though, it was officially added to the Mappool in April. However, Valve decided to do some minor changes. Freilight is a classic 5 CP-map. Nonetheless, keep eyes and ears open and beware of the 2 trains that can block the middle CP as well as each of the last.



TF2 Map CP Coldfront TF2 Map Overview CP Coldfront

Coldfront was desgined for both competetive and public gameplay. Thus, rapid changes  over the control points are not seldom. It was designed by a community member ans was added to the official maps later.



TF2 Map CP Gorge CP Gorge Overview

Gorge is a Attack/Defense style CP-map, that came with the WAR! update. Gorge resembles maps as Dustbowl or Egypt, except that Gorge has just one area. It is the only official Attack/Defense map where BLU has a spawn at the front. This means more possibilities for attacking and less highly frequented chokepoints.



TF2 Map CP 5Gorge CP 5Gorge Overview

5Gorge is a new version of cp_Gorge. it was imported from the beta on January 19 2011. The map houses 5 control points. At the start, both teams hold each 2. The team that captures the neutral middle one can run for the remaining enemy points. The middle one is quite open and may be attacked from high and low levels. Plus, below the point you'll find a medikit and some ammunition.



TF2 Map CP Gullywash CP Gullywash Overview

Gullywash is one of the most important competetive 6vs6 maps and is always part of the ETFL2 and ESEA. Originally, it was a community map, but has been an official map since the Manniversaey Update. The layout and designed is related to cp_badlands. Similarily, both teams start with each 2 points and mus capture the neutral one. Above all, for all those who don't want to participate in battle, theres the possibility for hunting some ducks. The map designer "Arnold" hid several rubber ducks as an esteregg on the map. Are you able to find them all?



TF2 Map CP DeGrootKeep CP DeGrootKeep Overview

DeGrootKeep is the first official Medeval map, that was added via the Australian Christmas Update 2010. In fact, it is a small Capture and Defend map with 3 CRPs that must be captured by BLU. But, what is the significance with DeGrootKeep? Only melee weapons are allowed(Exceptions are the Huntsman and the Crusader's Crossbow)! Furthermore, medikits and ammunition boxes have a medieval design and all chat entries are automatically translated into old english gibberish. Several firepits have been placed on the castlewall as well as on the battlefield. They can be used to ignite the Huntsman's arrows. The gate to the castle and therefore CP 3 openes only, when the first CPs have been captured. Then BLU has 60 seconds to capture the last Cp, otherwise the gate will close again as well as CP 1 and 2 loose their captured status.



TF2 Map CP Manor Event CP Manor Event Overview

Mann Manor is after koth_harvest_event the second official Halloween map in TF2. In contrast to Harvest, this is a Territorial-Controlpoint-Map with three CPs, that must be captured by the attacking team. Next to the rather harmless ghost, this map is haunted something else: the Horseless Headless Horsemann, who is with his Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker after everyone marked with the skull symbol. Since this boss won't differ between the teams, both must work trogether to fight this pumpkin-head. After he is defeated, the player who gave "the last shot" is rewarded with the HHH's Head and a so called Unusual Haunted Metal. The latter can be crafted to the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker (Demoman melee weapon). Moreover, several gifts appear on the map periodically. The player who is the first to pick it up will get a Halloween Mask for one of the nine classes.



TF2 Map CP Mountainlab CP Mountainlab Overview

Mountainlab is a Territorial-Capturepoint-Map with three Cps. It won the TF2Maps.net Art Contest and was added together with cp_Manor_Event via the Scream Fortress Update. The map looks familiar to cp_Gorge and features several indoor and outdoor routes. The last CP is quite hard to capture since it is right in front of the enemy's spawn and is easy defendable from the surrounding platforms above.



TF2 Map CP Foundry CP Foundry Overview

Foundry is a industrial looking map with a huge cauldron fire on each spawn, that longs for players pushed into it with the backblast. The map is structured symmetrically and thus well balanced. Moreover, every player who fullfills 7 map specific acheivments is rewarded with the "Full Head of Steam"-Hut. The map came with the Australian Christmas Update 2011.

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